“I use to have to always choose the gluten-free option–Not anymore!”

Who Else Is Sick Of Eating Gluten Free?

Demand soars for food sensitivity “miracle” that allows people to eat a more normal diet that isn’t restricted to gluten free choices

Are you sick and tired of constantly needing to be aware if there’s gluten in the food you’re eating? You had to do it yesterday. You have to do it today. You’ll have to do it tomorrow. That routine probably got old a while ago.

And if you aren’t constantly aware of what you’re eating, you could accidently eat some gluten and then–bad things happen!

Gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation… Maybe fatigue, maybe nausea. It’s going to be a while before you feel good again.

If you could get off the gluten- free merry-go-round–would you take it? One out of three people are now on a gluten free diet. That’s a lot of people having to ask the waiter at the restaurant what their gluten -free options are or asking the person behind the baking goods counter if they have anything without gluten.

Wouldn’t it be nice to eat your favorite pizza once again? Wouldn’t it be great to eat a piece of the birthday cake everyone else is eating?

How would you like to make that wish come true? The fact is you can.

Thousands of people who couldn’t eat gluten foods have found out that “Yes”, there is help out there and can now enjoy a diet that includes gluten– And it’s fast, easy and has no harmful side affects.

There is a Solution For Many Suffering From Gluten Sensitivities!

Several years ago a unique combination of ingredients were found in Japan, which could enable those with gluten sensitivities to be able to eat like they use to–before their food issues made their lives miserable.

In 2005 a company in the US, created a product that featured those ingredients. That product is called: The Yellow Bottle Probiotic.

While many have heard of probiotics, they still are not used as often as they should and when the are used quite often they contain ingredients that aren’t as useful as others when it comes to getting your system back into balance.

Probiotics are dietary supplements that contain good bacteria. However many do not realize there are literally hundreds of different

strain of good bacteria– With each having the potential to affect your body different than another strain.

In other words do not make the mistake of thinking one probiotic will give you the same benefit as another probiotic because it simply is not true! You have to pay attention to the ingredient list!

A main ingredient in The Yellow Bottle Probiotic is a special strain of good bacteria called Bacillus Coagulans. In 2009 a study was conducted on the effectiveness of this ingredient of the issues those with food sensitivities deal with and it came through with flying colors!

The ingredient list found in The Yellow Bottle Probiotic has successfully helped thousands of people just like you over the past 17 years and now it can help you too.

John Stoltzfus

“I spent the last decade having to eat gluten free and never being able to go out and eat whatever I liked. However after taking The Yellow Bottle Probiotic my diet has become much more flexible. I’m grateful for that.”

Pharmacist Recommended!

“The Yellow Bottle Probiotic provides a unique blend of ingredients that provide balanced gut health, improved digestion, aid in prevention of serious gastrointestinal problems. As a pharmacist, I recommend The Yellow Bottle Probiotic to my patients to improve overall gut health.”- Lauren Simko-Pharmacist

Doctor Recommended!

“Thank you, from my family, and 3,500+ of my clients who have received undeniable relief because of the design, freshness, and quality of The Yellow Bottle Probiotic!!!”-Dr. Ethan Hagen

“My daughter has suffered with Gluten sensitivities for several years. It has made her life miserable because she was not able to eat what her friends were eating. The Yellow Bottle has made all the difference in the world! She can now eat what her friends do.” –Sarah Troyer

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